About Tim Ryan

Mystic Monk Cartoons are the mind creatures of cartoon artist Tim Ryan, based in Southern California, USA. Tim’s early influences include a wide variety of sources like Mad and Heavy Metal magazines, saturday morning cartoons like Space Ghost, movies like Star Wars (the cooler original ones), the books “The Lord of the Rings” and the “Dune” series, and finally his biggest influences coming from the endless hours of reading every comic book he could get his hands on.

Tim often wondered why the dark sinister characters always had the better costumes. Mystic Monk Cartoons are hip, original, and edgy. Their ability to appeal to not only to adults, but to kids alike is rare. They are a perfect choice for any hotel, restaurant, nightclub, office, or any business for that matter that wants to stand out from their competition and give their establishment a more funky, fresh, and contemporary vibe! What separates Mystic Monk Cartoons and makes them unique is their ability to transform into different creatures and colors.